Pulitzer Prize for Fiction/Novel

As usual, my book list on OneNote (recently imported from Evernote) is too long to read. These are the “next” books on my bookshelf. But, frankly, I need some scifi right now, good solid impossible but probably, scifi.

I have:
Dream Brothers – Tim and Jeff Buckley. Father and Son but estranged. Both musicians. Both bizarrely talented with a supposedly 5 octave voice range. I love Jeff’s version of “Hallelujah” so much that it is the song that plays for my morning alarm. It’s gentle and soulful.Human and imperfect. And there is a chord in it, that I can feel it reach into my psyche and wake me up, like a gentle shake on my shoulder from someone who loves me. Thankfully gone are the days of top 50, annoying high pitched phone pings or even NPR. I ran across an Indie movie “Greetings from Tim Buckley” that got me interested in them. Then when I realized Hallelujah (that I loves) was Jeff’s, my interest came full circle, now I want to know more about these talented men who died way too young.

Spark Joy – because it is supposed to help people like me who even de-cluttered my place looks cluttered.

My Plastic Free Life – we have hit a plastic tipping point, while no one was paying attention. I thought I had gone to “crazy town” the day I realized so many things in my house are plastic or plastic related from polyester to my glasses. I stopped using plastic food containers long before BPA found its way into our vocabulary. Well, I was not in “crazy town” but late to the party, a lot of people are more concerned than I am about our blindness to plastic and getting it our of my life and off of my body.

Dangerous Visions – Harlan Ellison. Sci-fi. Might be a compilation of the separate anthologies he started. I find that confusing but the multiple forwards might clear this up. So far, the stories are short, some even too weird for my eclectic tastes, but I just started. We will see.

Suspect by Robert Crais – local bookclub. Not sure I will read it. I have yet to become a consumer of the mystery genre. Nothing wrong with it, just does not interest me.

Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain – Wall Street Journal book club. I am late, need to get a copy today and start reading. The discussion has already hit a few chords with me.