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About and Dedication

So Many Books celebrates readers. And non-readers. We share a love of stories, in all possible forms. From stories around the dinner table to movie screens.

The words. The art. The language. The dance of ideas mixed with imagination. Describing the possible. Speculating on the impossible. There is no limit to the imagination.

In the wide unknown and expanse of the universe, sometimes I feel so small. But with a book in hand, the universe is at my fingertips, all I have to do it open it  … and read.

My own love affair with words started before I could talk. I listened to anything anyone would read to me, newspapers, children's books, even the cereal box. And I thought I was writing when I scribbled with my crayons.

Whether you are a reader or a non-reader, share a story today, watch a movie, read a book, let your imagination soar.

-Hanna, founder and editor


-Hanna, founder and editor

Watercolor painting of 5 books stacked next to a cup of coffee. The words on one book spine read "So Many Books dot com."
Sharon dedication.jpg

This website is dedicated to my dear friend Sharon.

Sharon shared my love of books and reading. Over time, we found out, almost by accident, that we were often reading the same books, at the same time. 


We read about life in our world. We travelled through time, to the stars, and beyond. From Star Wars to Rumi, Outlander to Solaris, no subject was off limits. Many a book inspired long conversations about science, life, and philosphy. 

Sharon was my biggest supporter to try my hand at this website. She was taken from us, all too soon. Friend, colleague, daughter, mother, wife, sister, aunt, grandma. Reader and friend.


She lives on in our hearts and memories as well as in the smiles of her children and grandchildren. I think of her, every time I finish a book and wonder what she would have thought about it. 

Her memory is truly a blessing.She is deeply missed. 

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