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January Book Blitz

Photo of several books haphazardly arranged.

January is Book Blitz month!! Read a book from your TBR stack or finish a book you abandoned.

I abandoned some very popular books this year, like Lessons in Chemistry, Horse, Making It So, Dinners with Ruth, Ulysses, Halfway to You, West With Giraffes, Persuasion, and Passage, just to name a few.

I don’t think it was the fault of the books, I just had a hard time getting into them.

So, I stepped into January Book Blitz month early with a book to re-read. Watership Down. The adventures of these plucky rabbits won me over, again. Next up is Sarum, the one book I re-read every couple years or so. I like the plausible details of history and Stonehenge in England, without the book being only about Stonehenge.

What will you re-read in January?



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I got a new copy of an old favorite for Christmas - Lammas Night by Katherine Kurtz. So I’ll be reading that! It’s a great story: World War II, the occult, nobility and heroic characters!

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