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December 24, Jolabokaflod, The Christmas Book Flood in Iceland

Cover of the 2023 Iceland Book Bulletin

Gotta love a country that sends a list of newly published books to every household in time for Christmas gifting and reading. Called Jolabokaflod, reading commences on Christmas Eve, December 24

Iceland has a long history of literary culture. Reading is a natural past time in the long dark winters of Iceland, but Iceland has elevated their love of reading to an event. Newly published books are included in a list in the Book Bulletin, Bokatindi in Icelandic, that is mailed to every household in early November, giving people time to read about the new books and decide which ones to order before Christmas. The Book Bulletin, from which most books are selected for gifting is produced by the Association of Icelandic Book Publishers.

In 2023 the Book Bulletin is 76 pages long.



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