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Minimalist Art for Sci-fi Covers

I was thinking about book covers earlier today then ran across this, The Hair-Carpet Weavers by Andreas Eschbach. I love this look - minimalist, pen and ink looking art - so much that I had to look it up. Was this cover just for this one book or are there more?

Turns out that in 2020, Penguin Classics produced a series of books with minimalist covers. It appears there are 21 of these books in the series with the decidedly undistinctive name of Penguin Science Fiction series.

We could devote a whole library of space just to book titles and covers, with database and categories for every possible genre, sub-genre, country, and language. It’s a rabbit hole I am not ready for you. Or am I already running down that hole already?

These covers are as intriguing as the books for which they front - several of which I have read. Several of which I plan to read soon. And one, often quoted on the TV series, The Big Bang Theory, Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott

21 Books in the Series

Sci-fi goes minimal

Art Covers - The List - Penguin Sci Fi Series


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