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Find Your Next Read

Unique ways from weird to award winning.

Watercolor painting of 5 books, stacked, next to a coffee cup. The binding of the second book from the top says So Many Books dot com.

When your To Be Read (TBR) stack doesn't appeal to you, there are standard ways to find your next read. Ask a friend. Check the Sunday paper. Look up book clubs on social media. Wander a bookstore and hope a cover catches your attention. An internet search returns way too many "have to read this" lists.

But, here are some offbeat ways to find your next book.

Pick a date, any date – birthday, anniversary, a day in history then check out this list on LitHub.

Keeping it weird. Love the title. Love this list, from Book Riot, of strange, unusual, weird books.

Pick a number between 1 and 130, then consult this list, matching your number for your next read. The magic here is that Great Books. org takes .ists and lists of "great books, compares them, then makes a better list of the books mentioned most often, in order of mentions.

Answer a few questions, get a few answers. Pick your mood. An internet search returns a long list of articles and posts titled “what to read next." Pick a location, real or imaginary. Answer a quiz. .

If you liked this, you will like that. Several sites take a page from the "if, then" playbook, asking "what did you like before" then recommending something similar.



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